Disaster Recovery

RDW Book & Paper Conservation in Falkirk, Scotland

RDW Book & Paper Conservation in Falkirk, Scotland, provides comprehensive disaster recovery services. Our subscription-based priority scheme caters to libraries, archives, businesses, organisations, and private individuals, ensuring dedicated and specialised attention when it’s needed most.

Our Disaster Recovery Scheme Includes:

  • 24-Hour Telephone Advisory Line: Gain peace of mind with access to our round-the-clock telephone advice line, offering immediate guidance from our conservation experts.
  • Priority Access in Critical Moments: Subscribers enjoy prioritised access to RDW Book & Paper Conservation services during emergencies, such as fire, flood, or explosive disasters.
  • Swift On-Site Assessment: Our trained and responsive teams guarantee an immediate on-site assessment following any catastrophic event, ensuring a swift understanding of the situation.
  • Salvage Recommendations and Estimates: Receive expert salvage recommendations along with detailed cost estimates to guide you through the recovery process.
  • Sorting, Listing, and Stabilization: Our teams take charge of sorting, listing, and stabilising damaged material, streamlining the recovery process efficiently.
  • Recovery and Transportation Arrangements: We handle the logistics, making arrangements for the recovery and transportation of damaged material to our conservation facility in Falkirk.
  • Deep Freeze and Freeze Drying Facilities: Benefit from our advanced facilities, including deep freeze and freeze drying options, crucial for preserving water-damaged materials.
  • Restoration with Preferential Treatment: Enjoy preferential treatment for restoration services, ensuring the timely and expert revival of your valuable items.
  • On-Site Advisory Visit: As part of our commitment, a member of our book conservation team will visit your premises, offering valuable advice on proper storage practices to minimise the risk of damage before a disaster strikes.
  • Insurance Liaison: In the unfortunate event of a disaster, we act as a liaison between you, your insurance company, and the loss adjuster, facilitating a seamless claims process.

RDW Book & Paper Conservation — Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Conservation Bookbinding in Falkirk, Scotland.