Extend the Life of Your Treasured References: Expert Conservation Bookbinding in Scotland

RDW Book & Paper Conservation offers specialised reference and local studies binding services crafted to ensure the longevity of your valuable or rare books. Designed to withstand frequent use, our bindings provide a robust, long-lasting solution for large and heavy volumes.

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Conservation Bookbinding Falkirk, Scotland

Key Features:

  • Durable Waterproof Bindings:Our bindings utilise waterproof library buckram as standard, offering durability and protection.
  • Tailored to Your Preferences:Books can be bound using various cloths and leathers upon request, providing a bespoke touch to your collection.
  • Enhanced Functionality:Inside back board pockets can be added to accommodate loose inserts, folded maps, or CDs, enhancing the functionality of your books.
  • Security Features:For added security, we offer the inclusion of security triggers and barcodes, ensuring the safe return of your valuable volumes.
  • Expert Handling of Inserts and Maps:Folded charts and maps are carefully refolded before rebinding, and plates are remounted on guards if necessary.
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RDW Book & Paper Conservation is your trusted partner for expert conservation bookbinding in Falkirk and throughout Scotland. Entrust your reference materials to us for meticulous care and preservation.